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Second and last day in London.


We did our best to wake up early but nonetheless only made it to the British Museum by 11-ish. (After three weeks of non-stop action we are starting to flag!)  What we saw was only a fraction of the whole but still impressive.  We saw a lot of Egyptian pieces including the Rosetta stone.  But the real reason we were there was to see the Greek material, in particular, the Parthenon artifacts.  The pediments and metopes were wonderful to view and the presentation was great insofar as taking pictures.  There was so much natural light that flash photography was not needed.

We then went back, via bus, to Buckingham Palace and just made it in time for the last viewing of the state rooms and in particular the Palace’s Ballroom set up for a State Banquet.  It was all very impressive.

There was a bit of a tussle with a London Bobbie at the exit from Buckingham Palace but the kids handled it.

We stopped to make a phone call near Ben on the way to the London Eye.

The Eye is an amazing tourist trap, cash cow and view.  It was worth the quid except Athena got weird at high altitude.

Kristine, however, looked ravishing at sunset and I nearly lost her to another man.

But I wooed her with a ride in a London taxi and dinner at Covent Garden and finally together we wobbled, by underground, back to our hotel in Paddington.

With a mixture of dismay and happiness I (we) fly home home tomorrow.

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